Terms of Security

1. Security

Chesstavli.com is fully aware of the significance of the issue of security for your personal data including your electronic transactions as our Company takes all necessary measures using the most advanced and modern methods to guarantee the highest possible security for you. All information related to your personal data and your transactions shall be confidential and secure with us. The security of our e-shop is safeguarded in the following manners:

Customer Recognition

We use two code numbers for your recognition: the Access Code (e-mail or username) and your Personal Secret Security Code (password) to be entered at every access to your account provide absolute security for your personal data.

You have the opportunity to change your Personal Secret Security Code (password) as frequently as you wish. The only person with access to your personal data will be you alone through the foregoing secure codes. You alone will be exclusively responsible for the maintenance of their confidentiality and non-disclosure to any third party. In case of loss or disclosure you must notify us immediately; otherwise, the chesstavli.com e-shop shall have no responsibility as to the use of your secret code by unauthorized persons. We recommend for reasons of security to change your password at regular intervals thus avoiding repeated use of the same codes or of easily traceable code numbers (such as birthdates, etc).

Controlled Access (Firewall)

Access to our system servers is monitored through a Firewall which allows use of particular services by our customers /users prohibiting at the same time access to systems and data bases containing confidential data and information of our Company.

Confidentiality of Transactions

Maintenance of confidentiality is beyond question. The same basic principles guiding standard transactions apply to e-commerce (e-trade) as well.

All information communicated by users/members to chesstavli.com shall be confidential. chesstavli.com has taken all necessary measures so that all use of information is done insofar as this is judged to be necessary within the context of the services rendered. For example, such measures include:

- Only authorized employees have access to the information of your transactions and only in cases such access is necessary, for example, for the processing of your order requests.

- chesstavli.com shall in no case disclose customer or transaction data unless the Company has a written authorization from you or such disclosure is mandatory on account of a court decision or the decision of any other public authority.

- In any case the chesstavli.com e-shop shall in no manner disclose or publish any of your personal data or information that you have entrusted us.

- Personal data at our disposal upon your registration as member shall be used exclusively for the execution of your transactions. All information shall be encrypted and stored with the utmost security.

Credit Card Purchases through Eurobank

All transactions with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, VisaElcetron, Maestro) shall be carried out in the secure Eurobank environment. This means that none of your credit card data shall be stored in the chesstavli.com website server. Eurobank uses the SSL communication protocol (SecureSocketsLayer) combined with encryption up to 256 bits which guarantees all Internet transaction security.

2. Protection of Personal Data

Upon visiting the chesstavli.com web pages to place any product order and securing of communication with you for your better information, it is possible that you may be requested to declare data that regard your person (such as name, profession, e-mail address, date of birth etc). Any personal data you may declare at any time to our chesstavli.com website or electronic services shall be utilized exclusively for the safeguarding of the operations of the respective services. Such data shall in no case be permitted to be used by any third party without strict adherence to the provisions of Law N. 2472/97 regarding the protection from personal data processing in effect at any time.